Space heaters are an essential accessory for RV owners, providing a reliable heat source that can make traveling and living in your vehicle comfortable during the colder months. Unlike the central heating systems that come built into many RVs, portable space heaters give you the flexibility to add warmth exactly where and when you need it. They are often more energy-efficient than running the RV's furnace, especially if you're looking to heat a particular area of your RV rather than the entire space.

When selecting the best RV space heater, it's important to consider safety features like automatic shut-off, tip-over protection, and a cool-to-the-touch exterior. Since space is at a premium in RVs, the size and portability of the heater are also crucial factors. Furthermore, you'll want to think about power consumption, as it will need to be compatible with your RV's electrical system to avoid overloads.

The market offers a variety of heater types, such as electric ceramic heaters, infrared heaters, and propane heaters, each with their own set of pros and cons. Electric heaters are typically the easiest to use, requiring only an outlet to start making your space cozy. Infrared heaters are effective at directly warming people and objects without heating the air, thus being more energy-efficient. Propane heaters, while handy in areas without electricity, require proper ventilation to prevent a buildup of harmful gases.

We've researched various models and assessed them based on their heating capabilities, energy efficiency, safety features, and usability to ensure you can find the right space heater for your mobile abode. Whether you're looking for something to take the chill off during a brisk morning or want to keep your living space toasty throughout a cold night, we have the options that meet a range of needs. Now let's take a closer look at the top performers that can help maintain a comfortable temperature in your RV.

Top RV Space Heaters

As seasoned road-trippers, we understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable temperature in your RV during the colder months. The key to achieving this is by choosing the right space heater that offers safety, efficiency, and suitable heating capacity for your mobile abode. We have scoured the market, studied specifications, and read numerous customer reviews to present you with our top picks for RV space heaters. You'll find each product's essential features outlined in a comparison table to make your decision-making process as straightforward as possible.

1. GiveBest Compact Heater

GiveBest Space Heater

Trying out the GiveBest Compact Heater, it's clear that its versatility and safety features are a major win for anyone looking to warm up their RV space efficiently.


  • Dual heat settings and a fan mode accommodate year-round comfort
  • Comprehensive safety systems prevent overheating and accidents
  • Its compact design with a carry handle enhances portability and ease of placement


  • The heat coverage area might be limited in larger RV spaces
  • No battery operation, reliant on a power outlet
  • Some may find the noise level on higher settings less conducive to sleep

During our chilly winter road trips, we've come to appreciate the swift warmth our GiveBest Compact Heater offers. Its ceramic heating technology is not only efficient but also quiet, maintaining a peaceful environment after hours on the road. With this heater, the cold doesn't stand a chance, especially in confined spaces - perfect for cozy evenings in our RV.

Safety is never a concern with this heater. We've accidentally knocked it over a time or two, but its tip-over protection system instantly shuts it off, preventing any mishaps. Similarly, if it starts to overheat, it'll power down on its own—we've tested and appreciated this feature.

The GiveBest Compact Heater's portability meant we could easily move it from the dining area to the sleeping quarters with minimal effort. Given its small footprint, finding a spot for it was never an issue; it snugly fits almost anywhere. Despite its size, when we turned it on, the 1500W setting heats the space so quickly that we're comfortable within minutes.

Comparing the GiveBest with other heaters on the market, here are some standout points:

Feature GiveBest Compact Heater Other RV Space Heaters
Heating Technology PTC Ceramic Heating Tech Variable (Ceramic, Infrared, etc.)
Safety Systems Overheat and Tip-over Protection Often varies; not all have tip-over protection
Portability Lightweight with carry handle Ranges from portable to stationary models
Heat Settings 750W, 1500W + Cool air fan Usually single setting or up to two without fan
Noise Level Quieter than 45 decibels Varies; some models are quieter or louder
Room Coverage Up to 200 square feet Often larger coverage with bigger units

The one trade-off to consider is the coverage area—the GiveBest model is ideal for smaller, targeted areas, whereas larger RVs may need a model designed for more extensive spaces. However, this heater's efficient heating and safety features stand out for us, making it a reliable choice for our travel needs.


2. Mr. Heater Portable RV Radiant Heater

Mr. Heater Portable RV Radiant Heater

We've found the Mr. Heater Portable RV Radiant Heater to be an exceptional companion for keeping warm during our outdoor adventures, thanks to its safety features and portability.


  • Impressive heating capability that quickly warms up small spaces
  • Built-in safety measures like auto shut-off give us peace of mind
  • The portability factor is a huge plus, making it our go-to for various outings


  • Consumes propane faster at higher settings; keep extra tanks handy
  • Not ideal for use at altitudes over 7,000 feet as it may shut off
  • Some users might desire a longer run time on a single propane canister

During our last camping trip, we were genuinely impressed with the Mr. Heater Portable RV Radiant Heater's performance. Its radiant heating technology did wonders and kept our RV cozy and warm.

The convenience of having a heater that starts up with a simple push of a button cannot be overstated. It saved us from fussing with matches or lighters, especially in chilly conditions where our fingers were grateful for the quick heat.

One more aspect we appreciated is the heater's safety shut-off feature. It gave us extra reassurance knowing that if it tipped over or the oxygen levels dropped, the heater would turn itself off automatically.

Feature Benefit
Portability Easily move it where we need warmth
Safety Features Auto shut-off reduces risk of accidents
Heating Efficiency Quick heat up time for spaces up to 225 sq ft

Confidently, we recommend the Mr. Heater Portable RV Radiant Heater for those cold nights during road trips. Its robust build and effective heating make it an asset for any outdoor enthusiast. Just remember to pack extra propane when planning to use it extensively or in very cold conditions.


3. Dr. Infrared Cherry Heater

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

With its quick heating ability and whisper-quiet operation, this Dr. Infrared heater is a must-have to stay cozy in your RV during chilly travels.


  • Provides substantial warmth rapidly, enhancing comfort quickly
  • The unit runs quietly, allowing for an undisturbed environment
  • Includes a remote control for convenient temperature adjustments from afar


  • The heater may struggle to warm very spacious areas efficiently
  • In Eco mode, the temperature regulation can be less precise
  • Caster wheels are handy but can be delicate on uneven surfaces

After setting up the Dr. Infrared heater in our RV, we experienced its impressive warming capabilities firsthand. The unit starts emanating heat almost instantly and, with its dual heating technology, maintained a comfortable climate inside despite the nippy weather outdoors.

We particularly admired the quiet operation of this unit; we could carry on with our indoor activities without any obtrusive noise interference. Control was at our fingertips with the handy remote, which let us tweak settings without leaving the comfort of our seat.

Our friends who have larger RVs mentioned it took a bit more time to feel the entirety of its effects in their spacious living quarters. One other observation we've had is that while on Eco mode, designed to conserve energy, the heat distribution seemed less consistent, and we found ourselves making more frequent adjustments.

In summary, the Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater is a strong contender for those seeking a reliable source of warmth in their RV. Its swift heating action and silent running make it a standout, although its performance in vast spaces and on Eco mode may be slightly underwhelming.


4. Dreo 24" Tower Heater

Dreo Space Heater

Considering the swift and silent warmth it provides, we firmly believe the Dreo 24" Tower Heater is a top pick for RV owners.


  • Rapid heating capability ensures quick comfort
  • Safety features offer peace of mind
  • The quiet operation is ideal for uninterrupted sleep or work


  • The product's longevity may not match expectations
  • May not adequately heat large or drafty spaces
  • Remote control range could be limiting

We've just encountered an array of space heaters, but this Dreo model had us feeling cozy in our RV in seconds flat. Its tall, sleek design doesn't command much floor space, and the oscillation feature helps spread heat uniformly. With just a touch, we toggled between modes, adjusting the warmth to our liking without leaving the comfort of our seating area.

We appreciated the peace of mind provided by its built-in safety measures. Tip it over accidentally, and it powers down instantly—a great feature for us who share space with curious pets or kids. In use, it hums along more quietly than a whisper, making it easy for us to converse or catch up on reading without a noisy background.

One point that stood out was energy efficiency. The ECO mode is a smart addition, automatically tuning the heat output to maintain a comfortable temperature, which should kindly reflect on our energy bill. We moved it effortlessly from the living room to the bedroom, thanks to the concealed handle, further enjoying its toasty benefits as we drifted to sleep.

Here's a glance to further highlight why we think the Dreo 24" Tower Heater stands out:

Feature Benefit
2S Rapid Heating Immediate warmth without the wait
Overheat & Tip-Over Protection Ensures safe operation around the clock
Quiet Heating Keeps the ambiance calm and undisturbed

Sure, it might not be the powerhouse needed for expansive or poorly insulated areas, and some may find the longevity doesn't quite hit the mark after intensive use. However, for targeted warmth in smaller, compact spaces, this heater has rightfully earned its place in our RV.


5. Kismile Cozy Heater

Kismile Small Electric Space Heater

From our recent experience, the Kismile Cozy Heater stands out as an efficient companion for warming small spaces in an RV, quickly generating a snug atmosphere.


  • Rapidly heats up, taking the chill off with remarkable speed
  • Simple to carry around due to its compact and lightweight design
  • Includes safety features such as overheat protection and a tip-over switch


  • Limited to small areas, not suitable for larger or drafty spaces
  • The thermostat control may be less precise than some users would prefer
  • Potentially noisier in operation than other models on the market

As we eased into our chair, the Kismile heater dispelled the cold within minutes, providing a quick and reliable source of warmth. Its handle made it effortless to move around, suiting our needs perfectly as we transitioned from workspace to relaxation area. Its compact footprint allowed us to place it discreetly out of the way, without sacrificing toasty comfort.

Our peace of mind remained intact thanks to the heater's built-in safety measures. Even when we had to step out briefly, there was no worrying about overheating risks or accidental tipping. This did come with a minor trade-off with the noise it produced, noticeable but not deal-breaking for us given the cozy warmth it maintained.

Using the adjustable thermostat, we easily found a comfortable heat level for sustained periods. While the Kismile heater excelled in small quarters, it did struggle to challenge the brisk air in more expansive sections of our living space. That said, for our targeted use - warming the immediate vicinity - performance didn't skip a beat.

Feature Our Experience
Heating Efficiency Provides rapid warmth, ideal for tight quarters like an RV office or under a desk.
Portability Light and compact with a handy handle, repositioning this unit was never a hassle.
Safety Measures The overheat and tip-over protection allowed us to relax without safety concerns.
Adjustable Thermostat We were able to maintain our desired comfort level with relative ease.
Suitability for Small Spaces It felt tailor-made for our cozy nook, yet it was less effective in more open areas.
Noise Level More audible than some, which could be a consideration depending on your sensitivity.

Overall, our days were noticeably more comfortable with the Kismile Cozy Heater in our RV. It was exactly what we required for personal space heating – quick, convenient, and trustworthy.


Buying Guide

Heating Capacity

Key to choosing the right RV space heater is understanding the size of your RV and the amount of space you need to heat. We measure heating capacity in watts or British Thermal Units (BTU). Here's a basic guide:

Area Size Suggested Wattage
Small (up to 100 sq. ft.) 750 W
Medium (100-250 sq. ft.) 1,500 W
Large (250+ sq. ft.) 2,000 W +

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when selecting a heater for a confined space like an RV. Look for these crucial features:

  • Tip-Over Switch: Shuts off the heater if it's knocked over.
  • Overheat Protection: Cuts power if the heater gets too hot.

Power Consumption

We must consider energy efficiency to maintain battery life in RVs. Look for heaters with adjustable thermostats or low power modes to conserve energy.

Heater Type

There are different types of heaters, and each has its benefits:

  • Ceramic Heaters: Quick heating, typically with oscillation for even distribution.
  • Infrared Heaters: Efficient, directly heating objects and people, not just the air.

Noise Level

For a peaceful environment, especially at night, select a heater with a low noise level. Quieter models will have a decibel rating below 50 dB.


Heaters with handles or wheels are easier to move around, so they can be adjusted as needed for optimal heating.

Remember, the best RV space heater is the one that fits our specific needs, offers the most safety features, and provides a balance between heating capacity and energy efficiency.

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