Electric humidors are an essential tool for cigar aficionados seeking to preserve the quality and flavor of their cigar collections. Unlike traditional humidors which require manual monitoring and adjustments to maintain the proper humidity levels and temperature, electric humidors automate this process. They are equipped with advanced technology that actively regulates and stabilizes the environment within the humidor, ensuring that cigars are kept at optimal conditions for extended periods.

When selecting an electric humidor, it is crucial to consider the capacity and size to ensure it accommodates your collection appropriately. The build quality and materials are equally important as they contribute to the unit's effectiveness and durability. Additionally, consistent humidity and temperature control are the cornerstones of a reliable electric humidor. Features such as adjustable shelves, hygrometers, and thermoelectric cooling systems are valuable enhancements that enhance the functionality and user experience.

Moreover, it is important to note that the best electric humidors often come with user-friendly interfaces for monitoring and adjusting settings. Look for a model with clear displays and intuitive controls, as these will streamline the maintenance process. With these considerations in mind, a comprehensive evaluation and comparison of the available options is vital for making an informed decision.

As our exploration progresses, we delve into some of the top-rated electric humidors on the market. The selected models were subjected to rigorous testing to gauge their performance in various conditions. With meticulous attention to detail, we have distilled our findings into an easy-to-understand format, ensuring that you have the essential information to decide with confidence.

By providing both technical specifications and qualitative assessments, we make it easier for cigar enthusiasts to find a humidor that not only meets their functional needs but also aligns with their personal preferences.

Top Electric Humidors

In our search for the finest electric humidors, we've considered a multitude of options to present you with the very best. Each product has been meticulously scrutinized for key features such as temperature and humidity control, storage capacity, and design quality. We've compiled our findings into an easy-to-read table format, allowing you to compare at a glance and determine which humidor aligns with your cigar preservations needs. Whether you're a casual enthusiast or a serious collector, our roundup will guide you to the perfect choice for keeping your cigars in pristine condition.

1. Mojgar 16L Electric Humidor

Mojgar Electric Humidor

We found the Mojgar 16L Electric Humidor to be a reliable choice for both budding and seasoned cigar enthusiasts seeking improved storage conditions.


  • Enhanced space utilization with smart design
  • Superior flavor preservation due to high-quality Spanish cedar wood
  • Efficient and quiet cooling technology maintains stable conditions


  • Cannot adjust humidity levels, only increase
  • Cooling feature limited to below ambient temperature
  • Hygrometer may show slight variations from actual humidity levels

The Mojgar Electric Humidor has immediately impressed us with its innovative design that maximizes storage space. During our use, we observed that the lesser-utilized bottom area provided essential extra room for an expanding cigar collection.

One cannot overlook the importance of maintaining cigars at their best. This humidor's Spanish cedar wood frame beautifully balances moisture content, ensuring that the cigars retain their intended flavor profile. The scent released upon opening added a pleasing touch to our experience.

Adopting advanced semiconductor cooling, this humidor has kept our cigars at just the right temperature without notable noise—peaceful operation to match a peaceful pastime. We appreciate the energy efficiency and find the machine very eco-conscious.

Key Feature Why It Matters
Cedar Wood Frame Ensures optimal moisture and flavor
Semiconductor Tech Quiet and eco-friendly temperature control
Design Provides additional storage space

We must mention, though, that the inability to adjust the humidity levels might be a minor inconvenience for some of us. The hygrometer's minor discrepancies are worth noting but do not significantly impact overall performance.

The Mojgar Electric Humidor has become a staple in our cigar preservation routine. If you're considering an upgrade to your current cigar storage solution or starting fresh, this electric humidor is a sterling option worthy of your investment.


2. KingChii Luxury Humidor

KingChii Electric Cigar Humidor

We believe this KingChii Electric Humidor is a top pick for aficionados who want to maintain their cigar collections in impeccable condition with its precise temperature control and elegant design.


  • Offers both heating and cooling to keep cigars at the ideal temperature
  • Operates quietly, making it suitable for tranquil spaces
  • Crafted with Spanish cedar wood for natural humidity control and odor removal


  • Higher price point compared to basic humidors
  • Limited capacity of 26 liters may not suit those with large collections
  • Requires careful placement as the glass door is sensitive to ambient temperature changes

We unboxed the KingChii humidor and right away noticed its sleek black exterior and the sturdiness of the design—it's clearly built to last. The tempered glass door gives it a premium feel that would fit beautifully into any room. We found setting it up was completely hassle-free, and the electronic touchscreen responded to every touch with zero lag.

Upon testing, we appreciated how quietly it runs. It's as if it's not even there, which is exactly what you want in a peaceful study or bedroom. Plus, the dual-function feature guaranteed our cigars stayed in prime condition regardless of weather fluctuations.

The interior impressed us too. The natural Spanish cedar wood not only added a touch of class but also worked effectively to balance the humidity and preserve our cigars' flavors. After weeks of use, we noticed our cigars were perfectly preserved with no signs of drying out or mold—an impressive feat for any humidor.

Feature KingChii Electric Humidor
Temperature Range 54-74℉
Noise Level Less than 38 dB
Special Quality Spanish Cedar Wood Frame and Drawers
Design Double-layer Mirror Glass Door, Touchscreen Operation
Capacity 200 Counts of Cigars (26L Volume)
Price Premium

In direct comparison to other humidors, these features allow the KingChii to stand out. Its attention to detail and user experience clearly distinguish it from the pack. Although its capacity might not serve every avid collector, we found the space quite adequate for a substantial personal collection. If top-tier cigar preservation is a priority, this is a humidor we can confidently recommend.


3. WIAEE Electric Humidor

WIAEE Electric Humidor

We think this WIAEE Electric Humidor is superb for aficionados seeking a reliable cigar preservation solution with style to boot.


  • Maintains humidity and temperature with precision
  • Spanish Cedar Wood enhances aroma and freshness
  • Compact and quiet, fitting seamlessly into living spaces


  • Limited to storing 150 cigars, which might not suffice for extensive collections
  • Some units may have a slight deviation in temperature gauge accuracy
  • Conflicting product description regarding usage for wines or cigars

Our experience with the Wiaee Electric Cigar Humidor has been quite enlightening. Its ability to stabilize temperature and humidity creates an ideal environment for our cherished cigars. Notably, the Spanish Cedar lining is a touch of class that infuses our cigars with that sought-after woody fragrance while regulating the internal atmosphere.

The compact design of the WIAEE humidor is especially appealing as we placed it unobtrusively on the counter without forfeiting too much space. What’s more, the low humming beneath 38 dB means we could enjoy our tranquil study time or entertain guests without interruption.

One point of contention we observed was the temperature gauge, which may show a slight variance from the true temperature. While this didn't greatly affect our cigar's quality, precision aficionados should take note. Additionally, the description of the product initially led to some confusion about its intended use for wine or cigars. Nonetheless, as a dedicated humidor, it performs admirably.

Feature WIAEE Electric Humidor
Humidity Control Precise with Hygrometer
Temperature Range 54℉ to 66℉
Noise Level ≤38 dB
Capacity 150 Cigars
Material Spanish Cedar Wood
Size Compact

In comparing it to other electric humidors, the WIAEE’s tailored temperature control stands out, ensuring that even during winter, our cigars remain at optimal condition. The tempered glass door doesn't just add a touch of elegance; it provides a safe shield against UV rays, making it a smart choice for both presentation and function.

Summing up, we find the WIAEE Electric Humidor to be a solid pick. It’s an appliance that not only preserves but elevates the quality and longevity of your cigars. Whether you’re a casual smoker or a serious collector, if your collection is within the 150 cigar range, we’d recommend considering this appliance as a worthy investment.


4. NEEDONE 23L Electric Humidor

NEEDONE Electric Humidor

After a thorough testing period, we believe this NEEDONE Electric Humidor is a solid choice for aficionados aiming to preserve their cigars in peak condition.


  • Integrated heating and cooling maintains stable environment year-round
  • Whisper-quiet operation, creating a peaceful surrounding
  • Premium Spanish cedar interior enhances cigar aging


  • Does not come with auto humidity control, requiring manual oversight
  • Shelves can be finicky to remove and replace
  • Temperature memory reset issue may inconvenience some users

Upon first use, we were impressed with the NEEDONE 23L Electric Humidor's ability to regulate internal temperature efficiently. This particular model manages to sustain a consistent climate within the 54℉-74℉ range, making it adept at preserving your cigars during any season. The temperature control is responsive and user-friendly, a testament to the humidor's thoughtful design.

The unit operates almost silently; at under 35dB, it's no louder than a whisper. This feature is especially appreciated as it doesn't disturb the ambiance of our room. We found the cool, quiet humidor to be a sophisticated addition to our space.

Its craftsmanship is notable; the Spanish cedar wood internally not only safeguards our collection but subtly enhances the aroma and flavor as the cigars age. The wood's natural scent adds a dimension of enjoyment every time we open the door.

We did notice that the humidor doesn't come with an automatic humidity control system. While it's not a major drawback, it does mean you'll want to keep an eye on the humidity levels manually. If you're forgetful, this might be a slight inconvenience.

When reorganizing, we found that adjusting the shelves does require some patience. Although this isn't a deal-breaker, you'll want to handle them delicately to avoid frustration.

A minor gripe we have is with the temperature memory. Unplugging the humidor resets the settings, which means you'll need to readjust them when you plug it back in. We hope future models will preserve the settings even when the unit is turned off.

Feature Benefit
Semi-Heat & Cool Integration Ensures cigars are kept at the optimal temperature regardless of external conditions.
Ultra Quiet Operation Provides a serene environment, perfect for study rooms or quiet spaces.
Spanish Cedar Wood Adds to the overall aroma and taste of your cigars, enriching the smoking experience.

Overall, our experience with the NEEDONE 23L Electric Humidor has been quite favorable. While it does require a bit more manual management than some alternatives, its performance in temperature regulation and noise reduction is impeccable. We'd recommend it for both budding enthusiasts and seasoned cigar connoisseurs looking for a spacious and reliable electric humidor.


5. NEEDONE 16L Humidor

NEEDONE Electric Humidor

We find the NEEDONE 16L Humidor to be a reliable option for preserving the integrity of your cigar collection with its precise humidity control and consistent temperature maintenance.


  • Efficient temperature regulation within a desirable range
  • The Spanish cedar wood interior enhances cigar flavor over time
  • Quiet operation, making it suitable for office or home use


  • Some users have reported issues with temperature settings
  • The unit might beep unexpectedly, needing troubleshooting
  • Customer service concerns were noted in a few reviews

Upon receiving the NEEDONE 16L Humidor, we immediately noticed the premium feel of the Spanish cedar wood shelves, perfect for infusing cigars with that sought-after fragrance. We detected no unpleasant odors that sometimes accompany new appliances. The device's compact design fit seamlessly on our countertop, with its striking double-pane glass door that ensures minimal temperature fluctuation and protection against ultraviolet light.

The electric control is incredibly straightforward—a welcome change from manual dials—allowing us to set our desired temperature quickly. After stocking the humidor with a selection of cigars, we observed the digital hygrometer easily, finding our cigars well-preserved, with neither dryness nor excess moisture.

We appreciate the air circulation system's ability to maintain consistent humidity levels without needing to frequently open the door, further stabilizing the internal environment. This consideration for design translated to an ultralow noise level; we placed it in our work area and hardly noticed it was there.

However, while testing, we did encounter a mild hiccup with the temperature setting—particularly, it resetting to a lower degree than we preferred. We also noted from other user reviews that a few had difficulty with the thermostat and customer service responsiveness. While disappointing, these didn't detract significantly from the overall functionality.

Feature Benefit
Electronic Temperature Control Set and forget convenience with stable temperature.
Spanish Cedar Wood Enhances flavor and aroma of cigars.
Low Noise Non-intrusive, can be placed in quiet environments.

Our experience suggests that the NEEDONE 16L Humidor would serve well anyone looking to securely age their cigars and keep them at optimal conditions. Despite a few reported issues, its overall performance has left us impressed.


Buying Guide

Capacity & Size

We must first consider the capacity and size of an electric humidor to suit our collection. A larger capacity is essential for enthusiasts with extensive collections, but for occasional smokers, a compact humidor may suffice.


  • Small: Stores up to 50 cigars
  • Medium: Stores 50-150 cigars
  • Large: Stores 150+ cigars

Climate Control Features

The heart of an electric humidor is its climate control capabilities. We look for a steady humidity range between 65-75% and temperature control to preserve the cigars.

Climate Control:

Feature Benefit
Humidity Control Ensures cigars remain moist
Temperature Control Protects against heat damage

Material & Build Quality

The construction material impacts the humidor's durability and performance. We prefer a humidor with a well-sealed interior, typically Spanish cedar, to maintain stable humidity levels.


  • Spanish Cedar: Excellent humidity regulation
  • Mahogany: Resistant to decay
  • Other Hardwoods: Varying levels of effectiveness

User Interface & Maintenance

A user-friendly interface and low-maintenance design are crucial for hassle-free usage. We value intuitive controls and visible hygrometers to easily monitor conditions without frequent adjustments.

Ease of Use:

  • Digital Hygrometer: For accurate readings
  • Adjustable Shelves: For customizable storage
  • Removable Trays: For easy maintenance

By evaluating these pivotal features, we ensure that the electric humidor we choose meets our cigar preservation needs effectively, providing the best care for our collection.

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