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Tea has been a comforting remedy for various ailments for centuries across many cultures. Its natural compounds and warmth provide a soothing effect, especially when tackling the common cold. Among the plethora of tea types, certain varieties stand out for their potential to alleviate cold symptoms, such as herbal teas that contain ingredients like ginger, peppermint, or chamomile, which are often sought after for their therapeutic properties.

When searching for the best tea for a cold, consider teas that include ingredients known for their immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory effects. For instance, teas with echinacea are popular for their purported ability to enhance the immune response, while teas that include honey and lemon not only soothe the throat but also provide vitamin C. When making a purchase, it's important to look at the quality of ingredients and avoid those with added artificial flavors or excessive sweeteners that can diminish the tea's health benefits.

We have spent significant time understanding the nuanced benefits of various teas and their impact on cold symptoms. Selecting a tea that aligns with one's taste preferences and wellness goals is key. Now, let us guide you through a curated selection of teas that have been recognized for their efficacy in providing relief during a cold.

Top Tea Selections for Soothing a Cold

We understand that finding the right tea can be a comforting remedy when you're battling a cold. Our team has researched and compiled a list of teas that are not only delicious but also potentially beneficial in easing cold symptoms. These selections blend quality ingredients and beneficial properties to help you find relief and comfort when you need it most.

1. Traditional Medicinals Organic Cold Care PM

Traditional Medicinals Tea

We recommend this tea as a comforting ally to help you unwind and support respiratory health during a cold.


  • Offers a soothing effect with a pleasant, slightly sweet cinnamon taste
  • Certified organic and contains no GMOs, enhancing its purity and sustainability
  • The caffeine-free blend is ideal for bedtime consumption


  • Some may find the flavor not as strong as anticipated, particularly the cinnamon notes
  • The sedative herbs, while beneficial for sleep, may not be suited for daytime use when alertness is necessary
  • Only available in bagged form, which may not appeal to those who prefer loose leaf tea

On those shivering nights when a cold tightens its grip, we've found solace in a cup of Traditional Medicinals Organic Cold Care PM. Its warming herbs, like meadowsweet and linden, are like a gentle embrace, warding off the chill and fostering respiratory well-being.

The comfort of cinnamon in each sip makes this tea not just a medicinal choice, but one fitting for serene moments before bed. We've noticed the passionflower and hops offering their promised herbal sedation, making it easier to drift off despite the usual tossing and turning a cold can bring.

In our kitchen, a box of these tea bags has become a staple, especially during the cold season. We appreciate that we're also supporting an eco-conscious company, given the tea's organic certification and compostable bags. However, it's wise to note that if you're looking to perk up, this tea won't be suitable during the day due to its relaxant properties.

For anyone seeking a natural approach to nighttime cold relief, Traditional Medicinals Organic Cold Care PM is a choice we've been satisfied with, and it's a product that truly delivers comfort when it's needed the most.


2. Yogi Cold Season Tea

Yogi Cold Season Tea

When we need a comforting brew during sniffle season, Yogi Cold Season Tea is our go-to blend for its warming qualities and respiratory support.


  • Contains a blend of herbs like ginger and cinnamon that naturally warm the body
  • Organic ingredients with reassuring health-conscious certifications
  • Specifically designed to support respiratory health in cold weather


  • The taste can be quite unique and may not suit everyone's palate
  • Only available in tea bags which might limit the strength adjustment for some
  • May not be as widely available as more mainstream brands

Diving into a cup of Yogi Cold Season Tea, we immediately notice the inviting aroma of spices that seem like a warm embrace on a brisk day. The blend of ginger, cardamom, and cloves isn't just for taste; these are the same ingredients often found in homemade remedies for colds, and they bring a familiar sense of relief.

Drinking the tea feels almost therapeutic. The organic licorice and eucalyptus included in the ingredients work in harmony to soothe the throat and clear the nasal passages. And while sipping this blend, the peppermint and orange peel balance the spicy notes with a refreshing aftertaste.

Having this tea at the ready in our kitchen makes us feel prepared for when the chill of the season tries to take hold. We appreciate that it's crafted with health in mind, vegan, non-GMO, and organic, echoing our preference for natural wellness options. Despite its distinct flavor, which won't align with everyone's taste buds, we find it to be a pleasant addition to any cold weather routine.


3. Immune Support Tea

Hey Girl Tea

We find that this tea is a comforting companion when a cold strikes, providing both taste and potential immune support.


  • Packed with immune-boosting ingredients
  • Thoughtful gift for someone feeling under the weather
  • All-natural and caffeine-free to enjoy any time of day


  • Price may be a consideration for some
  • Limited availability outside of online platforms
  • Ginseng flavor may not suit everyone's palette

After recently having the unfortunate luck of coming down with a cold, we reached for the Hey Girl Tea. Upon first sip, the herbal notes were soothing, and the tingle of ginger was immediately noticeable, providing a gentle warmth that seemed to ease the scratchiness in our throats. The lemongrass and lemon peel offered a refreshing zing, lifting our spirits a bit during the usual lethargy that comes with feeling under the weather.

This Immune Support Tea by Hey Girl was not just a treat for our taste buds but also a hopeful boost to our immune system. With a blend of elderberry and echinacea, we felt well-equipped to fend off the seasonal sniffles. There's something reassuring about sipping on ingredients that have been trusted for generations in supporting health and wellness.

Our colleagues have also shared that this tea has been their go-to during recovery from ailments, or simply when their immune systems needed extra support. And when night falls and sleep calls, the absence of caffeine in this blend made it the perfect nighttime brew. Perhaps it’s the combination of the honey and stevia leaf that provided just the right touch of natural sweetness to send us off to bed feeling comforted.


4. Yogi Get Well Tea Sampler

Yogi Tea Get Well Variety Pack

We find this Yogi Get Well Tea Sampler to be a comforting companion for those under-the-weather days, offering a variety of flavorful blends to soothe and nurture.


  • Each blend targets a different aspect of wellness
  • Organic and vegan-friendly ingredients
  • Full-bodied flavors without needing to add sweeteners


  • Some blends may taste too subtle for those preferring stronger tea
  • The tea effect might feel mild for seasoned herbal tea drinkers
  • Individual preferences for taste vary, some flavors may not be as pleasing to everyone

Sipping on a hot cup of Yogi's Echinacea Immune Support from this variety pack, the warmth spreads through our bodies, almost like receiving a cozy embrace. The blend’s natural ingredients have a calming effect, making it seem like more than just a beverage—a bit of daily self-care.

As we tried different flavors each day, we noticed the thoughtfully selected herbs creating a sense of overall well-being. Breathe Deep has a particularly soothing aroma, and it’s like taking a breath of fresh air on a crisp morning, making us feel more at ease during congestion.

Even at bedtime, we reach for a bag from the pack. The Bedtime blend's subtle floral notes are like a lullaby in a cup, gently coaxing us towards a restful night's sleep. From opening the tea sachet to the last drop, this variety pack makes the cold season more bearable and reminds us that small indulgences can bring great comfort.


5. Breathe Easy Tea

Breathe Easy

If you're seeking relief during cold season, Breathe Easy Tea is like a warm hug for your respiratory system.


  • Naturally supports respiratory health
  • Pleasant, minty flavor with a eucalyptus zing
  • Ethically sourced, organic ingredients


  • Eucalyptus flavor may be strong for some
  • Not a replacement for medical treatment
  • Slightly higher price point than standard teas

Sipping on Breathe Easy Tea has always given us a sense of comfort, especially when we're grappling with the inconvenience of a cold. The infusion of fennel, licorice, and eucalyptus in every cup offers a therapeutic experience that feels beneficial to our respiratory health. The floral and minty notes dance on the palate, though it's the eucalyptus that comes through as the star, providing that distinctively refreshing aftertaste.

We appreciate the attention to quality and sustainability that Traditional Medicinals upholds. The fact that it's a non-GMO and caffeine-free product means we can enjoy it any time of the day without the jitters. And indeed, the Kosher certification and ethical trading partnerships only add to our peace of mind while indulging in this comforting herbal beverage.

However, we have noticed that the robust eucalyptus flavor isn't everyone's cup of tea. It's distinctive and can be overpowering if you're not accustomed to it. While Breathe Easy Tea is splendid for those moments when your nose feels stuffy, it's important to remember that it should complement medical advice, not replace it. Additionally, the price is a tad higher than other teas on the market, but for the quality and herbal benefits, we believe it's a justified expense.


Buying Guide

Identifying Quality Tea

When looking for the best tea to soothe a cold, we must prioritize the quality of ingredients. Loose-leaf teas generally offer a higher quality due to less processing, but tea bags can also provide convenience. Look for teas that contain all-natural ingredients and have no added artificial flavors or preservatives.

Ingredients to Look For

Benefits Ingredients
Immune Support Echinacea
Antioxidants Green Tea Leaves
Soothing Effect Chamomile
Decongestant Peppermint
Anti-Inflammatory Ginger

Consider teas that include a blend of the above ingredients for a more comprehensive approach to tackling cold symptoms.

Packaging and Freshness

Choose teas with packaging that ensures freshness—such as airtight tins or resealable bags—to maintain the potency of the herbs. The expiration date is also crucial; fresher teas will provide a better taste and potentially more health benefits.

Caffeine Content

Bear in mind the caffeine content; if you have a cold, you might prefer caffeine-free herbal teas that can be consumed at any time without affecting your sleep pattern.

Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability

We should also consider how the tea is sourced. Ethically sourced teas ensure fair conditions for workers, and sustainable farming practices benefit our environment. Look for relevant certifications or company policies regarding these practices.

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