Outdoor trash cans are an essential component of waste management in any household, institution, or public space. They are the first line of defense against litter, pests, and the elements, keeping trash contained and environments clean. Unlike their indoor counterparts, outdoor trash cans must withstand harsher conditions, including extreme temperatures, precipitation, and frequent use. The right outdoor trash can serves as a durable, practical, and sometimes even aesthetic addition to manage waste effectively.

Materials used for outdoor trash cans vary, with options including heavy-duty plastic, metal, and even recycled materials. Each comes with its advantages: plastic bins are often lighter and resistant to rust, whereas metal can be sturdier and more secure. The capacity of the trash can is another critical consideration, as it determines how frequently the can will need to be emptied — an important aspect for busy public areas or for households that produce a significant amount of waste.

When selecting an outdoor trash can, key considerations include durability, lid design, ease of handling, and resistance to tampering or animal intrusion. A lid that fits snugly is crucial for preventing pests and reducing odors. Additionally, for those who may need to move the can to the curb, features like wheels can facilitate transportation. We recognize the importance of these considerations and have evaluated various outdoor trash cans to ensure they meet the demands of different environments.

After thorough research and testing, we have identified the outdoor trash cans that excel in functionality and quality. Our findings will help guide users through the myriad options to find the best solution for their specific waste management needs.

Top Outdoor Trash Cans

Selecting the right outdoor trash can is crucial for managing waste in any outdoor space. We've researched and compared various models to find options that offer durability, capacity, and ease of use. Our selections vary in material, lid design, and additional features like wheels for mobility or locking mechanisms for security. Whether for residential use or handling heavier demand in commercial spaces, our list aims to cater to diverse needs and preferences.

Suncast 33 Gallon Outdoor Trash Hideaway

Suncast Trash Can

In our experience, this Suncast Hideaway unit is a solid pick to keep your outdoor areas tidy with style and efficiency.


  • Blends seamlessly with patio decor
  • Effective at deterring animals with its latching lid
  • Resists fading and withstands various weather conditions


  • Not for those needing larger waste management solutions
  • May require additional weights at the base on windy days
  • The assembly process can be puzzling at first glance

After recently setting up the Suncast 33 Gallon Outdoor Trash Hideaway on our deck, we noticed its sturdy construction and how well it matches with our other patio furniture. The wicker design gives off a sophisticated look, and we've had compliments on how it doesn't resemble your typical trash can.

The ease of changing bags is something we can't overlook—the interior holds a standard 30-gallon bag snugly, preventing any slip-downs that usually cause messes. Plus, the lid snaps shut firmly which means even when our block was visited by raccoons, we didn't wake up to any surprises.

Durability is another aspect where this trash can shines. Whether it's blazing sun or a downpour, we haven't noticed any discoloration or water seeping in, which speaks volumes about the resin material's quality. It's a relief not to fret over a product that's exposed to the elements 24/7.

Feature Description
Design Wicker-style that complements outdoor furniture.
Functionality Hinged lid latches securely, easy to access.
Durability Resin construction resists fading and keeps water out.

While its size is perfect for our needs, accommodating the usual amount of trash from weekend BBQs and family gatherings, it might not cut it for someone who entertains large crowds frequently. For those living in windy locations, anchoring this lightweight can might be necessary to prevent any accidents.

It's noteworthy that assembling the Suncast Hideaway initially had us scratching our heads a bit; the instructions could be clearer. However, once we got the hang of it, it was a straightforward process, resulting in a stable and practical addition to our outdoor setup.

Keter Rockford Trash Can

Keter Rockford Trash Can

For those needing a resilient, aesthetically pleasing trash solution for outdoor spaces, our choice provides both form and function.


  • Maintains a clean look by concealing bags and staying closed even when tipped
  • Resilient against the elements and wear, contributing to long-term use
  • Features a removable fluid tray, simplifying the cleaning process


  • Assembly may require a helper, not a solo quick setup
  • Hefty bags can be challenging to remove when full
  • Although sturdy, lightweight construction could compromise stability in strong winds

Having recently handled various outdoor trash cans, we've found the Keter Rockford Trash Can strikes a commendable balance between durability and design. The wood-like texture integrates well into most outdoor decors, making it a versatile choice for patios and gardens. Its double-walled resin withstands weather conditions impeccably, freeing us from concerns about rust or decay.

During our use, this trash can's capacity meant fewer trips to dispose of waste, a convenience we appreciated. The double lid is an innovative feature, successfully hiding unattractive trash bags while ensuring the contents remain contained even if the bin is knocked over. Practicality extends to its cleaning; the dedicated fluid tray is easily removed and cleaned, a feature we found particularly beneficial after messy gatherings.

Despite its positives, we noted some minor inconveniences. Assembling the trash can was not a quick one-person job, and a helping hand was necessary. When the trash can was full, removing the trash bag required extra effort, albeit manageable. However, in windy conditions, we suggest placing it in a sheltered area or adding weight, as its light build showed signs of instability.

Feature Keter Rockford Trash Can
Capacity 38 Gallons
Material Resin
Weather Resistance High
Maintenance Low
Cleaning Convenience High
Stability Moderate
Aesthetic Appeal High

In our experience, the Keter Rockford Trash Can is a solid candidate for those investing in functional yet stylish waste containment for their outdoor areas.

Rubbermaid 95G Brute Rollout Can

Rubbermaid 95G Brute Rollout Can

We think that this Rubbermaid Outdoor Trash Can with wheels is an excellent investment for its exceptional durability and ease of use.


  • Effortlessly wheel it even when heavy
  • Strong lid design withstands regular use
  • Resistant to UV, maintaining appearance over time


  • Larger size may be cumbersome for some spaces
  • Higher price point compared to standard bins
  • Wheels smaller than expected, may affect stability on uneven ground

Hauling trash to the curb has never been easier. The robust wheels trundle over gravel and grass without a hitch, and even when it's packed to the brim, it's a breeze to maneuver. This is a real back-saver.

The hinged lid is a workhorse. It flips open fully, stays put, and snaps back down without a fuss. Through wind and rain, it's never budged, ensuring critters and elements keep out of our refuse.

Our Rubbermaid's UV-resistant material continues to look good, not fading in the sun or becoming an eyesore on our property. Despite regular use, the integrity of the can and its aesthetic appeal remain steadfast.

Key Features Real-World Impact
Easy mobility We roll it anywhere, no strain whatsoever.
Heavy-duty wheels with high treads Confidently handles various terrains around our premises.
Seamless construction Cleaning it is swift, boosting our maintenance routine.

Suncast Hideaway Trash Can

Suncast Hideaway Trash Can

We find this trash can to be a neat solution to manage waste outdoors, owing to its discreet design and sturdy build.


  • Its resilience against weathering is impressive, making it a steadfast addition to any outdoor space.
  • The hinged lid that locks is a game-changer for keeping rubbish secured, a testament to its thoughtful design.
  • The wainscoting pattern not only adds a decorative flair but also blends seamlessly with different patio styles.


  • Although the size is compact, for large gatherings, it could be a bit undersized for the volume of trash.
  • We noticed the interior ridges can catch bags when removing full ones, requiring a little extra maneuvering.
  • A manual-lift opening isn't the most convenient when your hands are full; however, the lid is easy to handle regardless.

Patio clean-up needs practicality and the Suncast Trash Can delivers. Its resin composition evades the typical fading from relentless sun exposure, meaning we can rely on its taupe facade to stay presentable season after season.

Gathering on the deck, it's noteworthy how easily the lid secures – a comforting detail ensuring that the elements, and any curious critters, stay out. The can's build suggests it's going to be a lasting presence beside our outdoor table, resilient in the face of storms or sunshine.

When we consider storage, its design truly shines. Notable for being discrete, it never feels like it's intruding on our party space. The internally housed bags are concealed well, promoting an uncluttered appearance while the locking mechanism prevents any undue spillage.

Feature Experience with Suncast Trash Can
Weather Resistance Excellent durability in various weather conditions
Functional Design Lid latches securely, but interior design can catch bags
Aesthetic Appeal Decorative and versatile look for a wide range of outdoor décor

Confidently speaking, outdoor tidiness becomes effortless with this trash can. It's a stable, appealing choice that maintains cleanliness without demanding attention.

United Solutions 32-Gallon Trash Can

United Solutions Trash Can

After putting it to the test, we're confident you'll find this trash can robust and convenient for all your outdoor waste disposal needs.


  • Effortless movement with hearty wheels
  • Secure lid keeps debris contained, even in windy conditions
  • Multi-use suitability, from yard waste to storage


  • May not endure under intense, heavy-duty use
  • Lid fit can be finicky at times
  • Wheels could be more rugged for some terrain

Handling this trash can is a breeze; the wheels glide smoothly even when the bin is filled to the brim. We particularly appreciate the snap-lock on the lid, providing a sense of security that nothing's spilling out accidentally – a neat feature you'll be thankful for on blustery days. Its black finish blends seamlessly with any outdoor setting, and it's not just for trash - we've used it effectively for storing patio cushions as well.

Despite its sturdy appearance, the can might not hold up to the rigors of heavy construction waste, but for everyday household refuse, it's more than sufficient. We've loaded it with kitchen bags, garden clippings, and other general waste without any problems. The large capacity means fewer trips to the curb, which is always a win in our book.

We noticed the lid can sometimes require a bit of maneuvering to snap securely into place. It's a minor hiccup in an otherwise reliable design. While the can's wheels are adequate for smooth driveway surfaces, they might struggle a bit over rocky or uneven garden paths.

Here's a comparison of the key features:

Feature United Solutions 32-Gallon Trash Can
Mobility Rugged wheels for ease of transport
Lid Security Attached snap lock lid
Material & Construction Heavy-duty polypropylene
Temperature Resistance Withstands extreme conditions
Versatility Serves multiple storage uses

Since we've added these to our outdoor setup, disposal days have been noticeably smoother. It's a solid pick for anyone in need of reliable and multi-functional outdoor trash cans.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best outdoor trash can, we need to consider several key features that address durability, capacity, and ease of use. Here's a framework to guide our selection process.

Material and Durability

Outdoor trash cans must withstand various weather conditions, from intense sun to freezing temperatures. Materials like heavy-duty plastic and galvanized steel are common for their durability and resistance to fading, cracking, and rusting.

Material Type Advantages Considerations
Plastic Lightweight, cost-effective May warp in intense heat
Metal Sturdy, resistant to pests Can be heavier, may rust
Resin Weather-resistant, low-maintenance Can be more expensive

Capacity and Size

We need to align the trash can's capacity with our usage requirements. For residential use, a can between 20 to 30 gallons is usually sufficient. For commercial spaces or high-traffic areas, we might need larger sizes.

Lid Design and Functionality

A good lid is crucial for keeping animals out and odor in. Look for lids that fit snugly and are tough for animals to open. Some lids have locks or tight-sealing mechanisms for added security.

Ease of Handling

Wheeled cans are easier to move, especially when full. Handles should be sturdy and ergonomically designed for comfort. A can with both wheels and a stationary handle provides the best maneuverability.

Additional Features

Consider any extra features such as foot pedals for hands-free opening, lid locks, and even compatibility with automated garbage trucks if relevant.

By considering these features and how they align with our needs, we can confidently select the best outdoor trash can for our space without being swayed by unnecessary extras or marketing claims.

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