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Natural gas fire pits are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking the ambiance of a campfire without the inconvenience of smoke and the constant need to replenish wood. These fire pits provide continuous and adjustable flames that offer both warmth and a cozy atmosphere. Unlike their wood-burning counterparts, natural gas fire pits require a fixed gas line, which should be installed by professionals to ensure safety and proper function.

What sets natural gas fire pits apart is their convenience and clean use. Given that they burn natural gas, they produce fewer emissions and leave no ash behind, making them an environmentally friendly and low-maintenance option for outdoor entertainment. They come in a range of styles from rustic to modern, with various materials like metal, stone, and concrete.

When shopping for the best natural gas fire pit, the material and overall construction are paramount as they dictate the longevity and safety of the fire pit. It’s important to look for durable materials that can withstand the elements, especially if the fire pit will be a permanent fixture in your outdoor space. Additionally, sizing is crucial, as you'll need to ensure the fire pit is proportionate to the area where it will be used and that it provides adequate heat coverage.

We've examined a variety of natural gas fire pits based on performance, design, durability, and ease of installation to identify the top options available. Our comparison and analysis aim to help you choose a fire pit that not only meets your aesthetic preferences but also performs efficiently and safely.

Top Natural Gas Fire Pits

When selecting a natural gas fire pit for your outdoor space, we have identified key factors that can help guide your decision. Our curated list reflects comprehensive comparisons that take into consideration heat output, build quality, design, and additional features that enhance the overall experience. We focus on providing you with choices that ensure durability, safety, and style to fit a variety of outdoor aesthetics. In the following table, we showcase the fire pits that stand out in their category, making your selection process straightforward and informed.

1. BAIDE HOME 48-inch Fire Table


This BAIDE HOME Fire Table not only enhances the ambiance but is also versatile enough to serve as a functional patio table.


  • Effortless transition from fire pit to table with included burner lid
  • Sufficient heat output for chilly evenings
  • Comes with natural gas conversion kit for fuel flexibility


  • Initial lighting can be unnerving for some
  • May require patience to assemble
  • One box may arrive before the other, owing to separate shipping

We recently gathered around the BAIDE HOME 48-inch Fire Table, and the experience was a delight. Assembly was straightforward, although it did take us a bit of time. Once set up, the modern design and Flint Gray finish added a highly sophisticated touch to our outdoor setting.

Upon using the fire feature, the flame control knob allowed us to adjust the ambiance to our liking, with the 50,000 BTU output keeping everyone comfortably warm. The burner lid was a nifty addition, quickly converting our fire pit into a table, perfect to rest our drinks and snacks.

The natural gas conversion kit that comes with it adds the convenience of choice, allowing us to switch from propane if desired. Our evenings have been more inviting, and this fixture has definitely become the center of our outdoor gatherings.

Despite its many benefits, we should note that the first light did take some time, which could be a slight cause for concern. However, subsequent uses have been smoother, ensuring that it’s a minor hiccup in what is otherwise a reliable and functional outdoor fire pit.

Here's a quick comparison to highlight key features:

Feature BAIDE HOME Fire Table
Design Modern and functional
Heat Output 50,000 BTU
Flexibility Includes natural gas conversion kit
Usability Converted easily to a table with lid
Assembly Required, may take some time
Shipping Separate boxes, possible staggered arrival

The BAIDE HOME Fire Table sits at the intersection of functionality and style, ensuring we make the most out of our outdoor space.


2. Elementi Granville Fire Table

Elementi Granville 60 Inch Fire Pit

When we set up the Elementi Granville Fire Table in our backyard, the effortless ambiance it added convinced us this is a top pick for outdoor gatherings.


  • Produces ample heat for chilly nights
  • High-quality construction with a premium finish
  • Comes with a sturdy cover and a sleek windscreen


  • Natural gas installation may require professional assistance
  • Hefty and not easily movable once installed
  • Premium materials come with a higher price tag

As we lit the Elementi Granville Fire Table for the first time, the warmth was immediate, casting a cozy glow on our deck. The heavy-duty concrete construction not only looked sophisticated but felt robust and stable. It's reassuring to know that there's no need to stash away propane tanks, as this fire pit connects directly to our home's natural gas supply.

The stainless steel cover is a standout feature. We found it incredibly durable, effectively protecting the fire pit between uses. On breezy evenings, the tempered glass windscreen preserved the flames' integrity, creating a mesmerizing centerpiece without concern for safety.

However, we did notice that the natural gas setup isn't a breeze for everyone. If you're not handy with such installations, you may need to budget for a professional. Once in place, the unit becomes a permanent fixture due to its substantial weight; planning your outdoor space accordingly is crucial.

Feature Our Experience
Heat Output The 45,000 BTUs quickly became the focal point of our evenings, offering more than enough warmth.
Material Quality The glass fiber-reinforced concrete exuded elegance and stood up to various weather conditions.
Accessories (Cover and Wind Screen) Both the cover and the windscreen complement the fire table well, adding both functionality and style.

The Elementi Granville Fire Table provided us with a comforting and stylish outdoor experience that truly enhanced our evening relaxation. After using it, we feel its quality and functionality justify the investment for those seeking a permanent, elegant fire feature.


3. NICESOUL Natural Gas Fire Pit


We think the NICESOUL Fire Pit is a superb choice for anyone aiming to add a touch of elegance and warmth to their outdoor space.


  • Stylish design that enhances outdoor decor
  • Sturdy aluminum frame and weather-resistant materials
  • Simple ignition system and adjustable flame height


  • Conversion kit for natural gas not included
  • Assembly may require two people
  • Battery for ignition may be unreliable

Sitting around the NICESOUL Fire Pit last evening, we were enveloped in the cozy warmth of its 55,000 BTU flame. Its sleek design with a modern wicker finish became an instant conversation piece. The rectangular shape was perfect, providing ample space for our drinks and snacks on the tempered glass top.

The quality of construction was evident too – this fire pit's aluminum frame felt robust and poised to handle countless evenings of leisure. Plus, maintaining it seemed straightforward, a win for us who prefer spending time enjoying our backyard rather than constantly caring for it.

However, we did note that switching to natural gas from propane would require additional parts, not provided in the box. Assembling the unit needed a bit of a team effort, and there was a small hiccup with the ignition system. Thankfully, the customer service was commendable, ready to support whenever we reached out.

Feature Description
Style & Design Modern wicker finish with a clean, rectangular silhouette
Durability Constructed with rust-resistant aluminum and PE wicker
Heat Output Impressive 55,000 BTU adjustable flame
Assembly Required, easier with two persons
Ignition Push-button system with manual control valve
Inclusions Tempered glass top, fire glass, cover, regulator hose
Customer Service Responsive and helpful with issues

Overall, the NICESOUL Fire Pit brought both visual appeal and functionality to our outdoor space. Despite the assembly and conversion hitches, its robust build and stunning design make it a valuable addition to any patio.


4. Elementi Manhattan Fire Pit

Elementi Manhattan Gas Fire Pit

We found the Elementi Manhattan Fire Pit to be an upscale addition that effectively elevates the comfort and style of any outdoor space.


  • Exudes a substantial heat output for chilly evenings
  • Clean, modern aesthetics that complement any patio decor
  • High-level build quality renders durability and longevity


  • Heavier than expected, making relocation a two-person job
  • Installation may require professional assistance for gas hookup
  • Pricier option within the realm of outdoor fire pits

Our experience with the Elementi Manhattan Fire Pit has been largely positive, significantly enhancing our outdoor gatherings. The warmth emitted by the 45,000 BTUs is substantial, ensuring that our late nights under the stars are cozy, even as temperatures drop. Its contemporary design acts not just as a heat source but a central piece of furniture on the patio that naturally draws guests in.

We've discovered that the high-performance cast concrete not only endures high heat but seamlessly maintains its appearance through various weather conditions. Despite its sturdiness, when we did decide to refresh the layout of our backyard, we needed an extra set of hands to move the fire pit due to its weight—an expected trade-off for such solid construction.

In terms of setup, it does require a bit of effort and potentially a professional to connect to the natural gas line, but once installed, the ease of use is incredible. The electronic ignition is reliable and the auto safety shut-off adds an extra sense of security.

We should also consider the cost factor; it stands on the higher end of the market. However, we view it as an investment for those looking to enhance their outdoor living space with a product that not only delivers performance but also adds to the aesthetic appeal.


5. Elementi Lunar Bowl

Elementi Lunar Bowl Fire Pit

We'd wholeheartedly recommend the Elementi Lunar Bowl if you're seeking a stylish and functional fire feature for your outdoor space.


  • Creates a cozy ambiance with a substantial flame height
  • Solid construction with a high-heat resistant finish ensures durability
  • Certified for safety with added features like auto shut-off


  • Significant weight makes it challenging to move once installed
  • Requires professional installation for natural gas hookup
  • Limited to natural gas use, with no option to convert to propane

Gathering around the Elementi Lunar Bowl has quickly become one of our favorite evening activities. Its robust flames provide ample warmth for our gatherings, making even nippy evenings comfortable. The cast concrete design is not only pleasing to the eye but also feels sturdy and built to last, seamlessly integrating into the aesthetic of our backyard.

The first time we used it, the fire pit became the focal point for an engaging outdoor party. The generous ledge around the bowl is perfect for guests to set down their drinks, and despite hours of use, its surface remained cool to the touch. This feature provided both convenience and peace of mind, knowing that the design prioritized safety alongside functionality.

Although the heavyweight of this fire pit locked it into place once installed, we appreciated the solidity. The tranquility of a flame that burns without flicker or interruption speaks volumes about the quality of this product. Yet, the absence of a propane option might be a deciding factor for some. It's a natural gas fire pit through and through, which means you'll need a permanent gas line.

In our experience, the Elementi Lunar Bowl has elevated our outdoor living experience. It does require a bit of prep and planning—the setup mandates a professional due to the natural gas connection. But once installed, it's pure enjoyment with a sophisticated touch. The fire pit came to life with a simple flick of the ignition, the blaze dancing over the lava rocks, creating a mesmerizing glow that extended far into the evening.

Key Feature Description
Flame Size Large, creating a warm and inviting ambiance
Material High-performance cast concrete
Safety CSA & CE certified with auto safety shut-off

We can confidently say that the Elementi Lunar Bowl strikes a fine balance between functional heat source and chic design piece. Its ability to anchor social gatherings with its warmth and style makes it a commendable choice for any outdoor enthusiast.


Buying Guide

Key Considerations

When selecting a natural gas fire pit, we must consider several key factors to ensure that we make a suitable choice for our space and needs. Here’s a structured approach to guide us through the decision-making process.

  • Size & Design: The size of the fire pit should be proportionate to the space we have available. The design should complement our outdoor decor while providing the functionality we require.

  • Material: The durability and longevity of a fire pit are greatly influenced by the materials used. Common materials include stainless steel, aluminum, and concrete.

  • Heat Output: Measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units), the heat output determines how much warmth our fire pit will provide. It’s crucial for us to decide how warm we want our seating area to be.

  • Safety Features: Features like automatic shut-off or flame control can significantly enhance the safety of our fire pit.

  • Ignition System: Options range from manual ignition to electronic ignition systems. Electronic systems offer convenience, but manual systems may provide more reliability and easier maintenance.

  • Budget: We should consider how much we're willing to invest. Remember that a higher price doesn't always guarantee a better product, but it often correlates with better materials and more features.

Feature Comparison

To assist us in making an informed decision, we have compiled a comparison of key features to consider:

Feature Description
Size Choose a size that fits comfortably in our intended area.
Material Opt for a durable material that suits our climate and usage needs.
Heat Output Ensure the BTU rating meets our heat requirement without being excessive.
Safety Prioritize fire pits with built-in safety features.
Ignition Type Decide between the convenience of electronic ignition and reliability of manual.
Price Range Determine a budget that balances cost with desired features and quality.

By meticulously reviewing these aspects, we can select a natural gas fire pit that meets our specific requirements and preferences.

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