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Hot yoga has surged in popularity as a physically invigorating and mentally calming practice, combining traditional yoga poses with the added intensity of a heated environment. The elevated temperature increases flexibility, promotes detoxification through sweat, and provides a greater challenge for the body. In this context, a reliable hot yoga mat becomes indispensable for a safe and effective practice. It's not only a surface to work on but serves as a personal space that must withstand high temperatures and provide stability even when slick with sweat.

Hot yoga mats are specifically designed to offer superior grip, comfort, and durability when compared to standard yoga mats. These mats typically feature moisture-wicking materials, such as open-cell rubber or specially designed microfiber surfaces, which maintain traction as moisture levels rise. They may also include antimicrobial properties to prevent bacteria growth from frequent exposure to sweat.

When considering the purchase of a hot yoga mat, attention should be given to factors such as material, thickness, texture, and eco-friendliness. The mat's material influences its grip and durability, while thickness relates to comfort and support. Texture affects the mat's slip resistance, and eco-friendliness is an essential aspect for those wishing to align their practice with environmental sustainability. We’ve put our expertise to work, examining and testing a variety of hot yoga mats, to help you find the one that will support your practice session after session.

Top Hot Yoga Mats

When it comes to hot yoga, the right mat can make all the difference. We've thoroughly researched and analyzed countless mats to bring you the best options that offer exceptional grip, adequate cushioning, and superior durability to withstand the intensity of a heated practice. Our selected mats also prioritize eco-friendly materials and easy-to-clean surfaces, essential for maintaining hygiene in such a sweaty workout. Stay focused on your flow with our top picks for the best hot yoga mats that promise to support and elevate your practice.

1. Gaiam 5mm Hot Yoga Mat

Gaiam Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

We found this Gaiam Dry-Grip Yoga Mat to be a solid choice for hot yoga enthusiasts, offering excellent traction and cushioning.


  • Maintains grip even when drenched in sweat
  • Thick padding provides joint support
  • Attractive marbled design enhances aesthetics


  • May shift slightly during dynamic poses
  • Surface can show wear over time
  • Marbling pattern varies from advertised images

After unrolling the Gaiam Dry-Grip Yoga Mat, the first thing we appreciated was the firm, supportive cushioning. We noticed that the 5mm thickness was ideal for protecting our joints during long-held poses or when transitioning between movements. The mat felt stable and comfortable, even on hard studio floors.

During a sweaty session, it's common for standard mats to become slick, but this wasn't the case with the Gaiam mat. Its stay-dry topcoat lived up to its promise, allowing us to hold poses without slipping. Its grip gave us the confidence to focus on our alignment and breath rather than worrying about our hands and feet sliding.

While the overall functionality of the mat impressed us, it was not without its minor drawbacks. Some of us found that the mat could shift during more vigorous flows, though this was a rare occurrence. Over time, we also noted that the surface might wear with intense use, but this seems to be a normal aspect of yoga mats that are used regularly.

Despite a few inconsistencies in the printed pattern compared to the marketing images, the marbled design was generally well-received in our class. The mat's look brought a stylish element to our daily practice and many compliments from fellow yogis.


2. IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Mat

IUGA Yoga Mat

We found this mat's grip and eco-friendly materials make it a reliable choice for serious yogis and beginners alike.


  • Superior grip prevents slipping during intense sessions
  • Odorless material enhances the yoga experience
  • Includes a convenient carry strap for easy transportation


  • May be too narrow for some users
  • Initial strong odor may be off-putting, though it dissipates
  • Lighter weight may affect the mat's stability on some surfaces

After our hot yoga session, the first thing we appreciated about the IUGA Yoga Mat was its exceptional grip. Even during the sweatiest moments, we didn't slip. The material felt secure under our feet and hands, boosting our confidence to try more challenging poses without fear of sliding.

The eco-friendly credentials of this mat are worth noting. We feel good about using a product that's made with TPE instead of harmful PVC. Its sustainable design aligns with the ethos of our practice, adding to the overall sense of well-being during our routine.

Transportation and storage are a breeze with the included carry strap. We've carried this mat to various locations without any hassle. Despite its lighter weight, it's held up well in various environments, from breezy rooftop classes to our cozy living room floor.


3. Eco-Friendly Combo Mat

Yoga Design Lab Mat

We believe this yoga mat is a game changer for hot yoga enthusiasts, offering a sustainable grip and comfort blend.


  • Exceptionally absorbent and prevents slipping even in the sweatiest conditions
  • Eco-conscious design made from recycled materials, reflecting our commitment to the environment
  • Luxe, all-in-one mat and towel simplifies our practice and makes preparation effortless


  • Slightly narrower and shorter than some may prefer for their practice
  • Can be slippery when dry, requiring a little moisture to initiate optimum grip
  • Needs to be hand-washed, which may not suit our fast-paced lifestyles

Every time we step onto the Yoga Design Lab Combo mat, the eco-friendly construction immediately stands out. We are directly contributing to less plastic waste by choosing this mat, and the sustainable natural tree rubber base feels just right under our feet. We've also noticed that the mat's ultra-absorbent microfiber top layer acts like a high-performance towel, holding up against even the most intense sweat sessions.

We appreciate not only the traction but the convenience too. The carrying strap simplifies transport to and from our classes. Even when we forget our separate towels, this mat has us covered with its integrated microfiber surface. This is especially helpful during those intense Bikram or power yoga classes when stability is key.

We also place great value on the beautiful designs printed with water-based inks, and it's always enriching to practice on a visually appealing mat. The Yoga Design Lab mat makes us feel like our mat is as unique as our yoga journey. Although we sometimes dampen our hands to kick-start the mat's grip, once we get moving and sweating, the non-slip feature really kicks in, allowing us to focus fully on our poses.

Remember, the Yoga Design Lab mat is an investment in both our practice and the planet, merging aesthetics, performance, and eco-friendliness in a product that complements the modern yogi lifestyle.


4. Manduka PRO Exercise Mat

Manduka PRO Exercise Mat

We believe the Manduka PRO Mat is a solid investment for serious practitioners who prioritize durability and comfort in their yoga practice.


  • Dense cushioning supports and protects joints during intense sessions.
  • Non-slip surface increases with repeated use, providing reliable traction.
  • Eco-friendly production and Lifetime Guarantee boost its sustainability factor.


  • May require regular maintenance to maintain optimal grip.
  • Heavier than average, making it less convenient for transport.
  • Higher price point may not fit every budget.

In our sessions on the Manduka PRO, we experienced the kind of support and stability that's second to none, especially during high-pressure poses where joint comfort is crucial. The ultra-dense cushioning is quite noticeable, and we appreciate how this shields our knees and elbows from the hard studio floor.

Over time, we've come to value the non-slip texture of this mat. With repeated use, the surface has become more grippy, allowing us to transition between poses without the fear of slipping, even in moderate sweat conditions. It's reassuring to know that the more we use it, the better its performance gets.

We're not just thinking about our practice either; we're considering the planet. Being Oeko-Tex certified and manufactured sustainably means we're contributing to a greener practice. Despite its heft, which can be a drawback for yogis on the go, and the initial maintenance to optimize its stickiness, the premium feel and lifetime durability make it a worthy contender for our yoga essentials. It has a steep price but given the long-term value, we find it a revolutionary addition to our daily routine.


5. IUGA Pro Non Slip Mat

IUGA Pro Yoga Mat

We believe the IUGA Pro Yoga Mat's high-performance grip and eco-friendly design make it a prime choice for hot yoga enthusiasts.


  • Exceptional grip during sweaty sessions
  • Environmentally conscious, free from harmful materials
  • Includes a tear-resistant layer for durability and longevity


  • Only one surface usable, limiting rolling options
  • Thinner than some might prefer
  • Can emit an unpleasant odor with intense use

Unrolling the IUGA Pro Yoga Mat, we're immediately impressed by its sturdy feel and sleek look. It lies flat without any annoying corners curling up, a testament to its thoughtful design. The first hot yoga session with it was revelatory; the top layer's grip allowed us to hold even the most challenging poses without a hint of slipping. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry around, and that's something we definitely appreciate on long walks to the studio.

One downside noticed with continued use is related to cleaning and maintenance. After several intense sessions, a distinct smell can linger even with diligent cleaning. This mat is on the thinner side, which is fantastic for stability in standing poses, but those who require extra cushioning for their joints might find it less comfortable.

Sustainability is always on our minds, and the IUGA Pro Mat doesn't disappoint. We are particularly fond of the eco-friendly materials it's made with, ensuring our practice aligns with a respect for the planet. Its durable construction also means we won't be looking for a replacement anytime soon, which speaks volumes about its quality.

Overall, we've found that the IUGA Pro Mat checks most boxes for a dependable, high-performance yoga mat fit for serious practitioners. Despite its few drawbacks, the benefits make it a standout choice, confirming why it's become a staple in our hot yoga routine.


Buying Guide

Assessing Grip and Slip Resistance

When selecting a hot yoga mat, it is crucial to prioritize a surface that provides excellent traction. A good grip ensures stability during poses, minimizing the risk of slipping caused by sweat. Look for mats with textured surfaces or made from materials known for their non-slip properties.

Understanding Material and Durability

The material of a yoga mat affects both its durability and comfort. Common materials include PVC, TPE, rubber, and cotton. Each has distinct characteristics regarding eco-friendliness, sponginess, and longevity. We recommend weighing these factors based on personal preference and environmental considerations.

Considering Thickness and Comfort

The thickness of a yoga mat can impact comfort, especially on hard floors. A standard mat is about 1/8 inch thick, offering a balance between cushioning and firmness. Thicker mats provide more comfort but can be less stable for balance poses.

Portability and Size

For yogis on the go, a mat's weight and size matter. A standard yoga mat is around 68 inches long, but taller individuals might prefer a lengthier option. Thicker mats are generally heavier and may come with carrying straps for easier transport.

Feature Why It's Important
Grip Prevents slipping during poses
Material Determines longevity & comfort
Thickness Balances cushioning & stability
Size/Weight Affects transport ease & suitability for body type

Maintenance: Ease of Cleaning

Hot yoga leads to sweat, so a mat that is easy to clean is essential. A mat with closed-cell construction or one that can be wiped down without absorbing moisture will help maintain hygiene and prevent odors.

By considering these features, we can make informed decisions and find a mat that suits our needs without compromising on quality or our practice.

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